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Artist: Lars Eric Mattsson  
Title: Power Games (Remaster)
Genre: Prog - Metal - Rock
Label: Lion Music
Release Date 26 September 2020


01. Preludes.
02. Open the Gate.
03. Victim of Freedom.
04. Blind Faith.
05. Chained to My Pain.
06. Bridge to the Past.
07. Into Safety
08. Safely Through the Fight.
09. Beyond the Horizon (Guitar Concerto no 1) Act I.
10. Beyond the Horizon (Guitar Concerto no 1) Act II.
11. Beyond the Horizon (Guitar Concerto no 1) Act III.
12. Beyond the Horizon (Guitar Concerto no 1) Act IV.
13. Beyond the Horizon (Guitar Concerto no 1) Act V.
14. Beyond the Horizon (Guitar Concerto no 1) Act VI.
15. Lead Me On My Way.
16. Season to Change (bonus track).

Lars Eric Mattsson - Guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals
Lance King - Lead Vocals
Eddie Sledgehammer - Drums

Listening to Mr. Mattsson's music is always a pleasure, lately in a prolific period for Lars he also gives us new versions of his works and I must say that apart from my personal esteem for this artist, all Mattsson's discography is equal to that of other musicians who remain in history.
Having listened to these records in the years in which they were released and listening to them now, the sounds have remained in time, the era of musicians who were forerunners of current sounds.
"Power Games”, released for the first time in 2003, featuring singer Lance King (Balance of Power/Empire) features two short interludes, eight tracks of progressive metal, of which one is instrumental, the 17+ minute "Beyond the Horizon- Guitar Concerto No. I".For the 2020 remaster this composition was split up in six parts to simplify the listener experience. Turn-n-burn fretwork, dazzling flourishes, and lots of melodious guitar lines mark Power Games. The 2020 remaster also includes the bonus track "Season to Change" which was originally written and recorded for Lars' 1995 "Astral Groove" project. The album's opener "Preludes" includes a short acoustic guitar piece not included on the original version, thereby the name
As the previous release,  of this album,
 “Open the Gate” it’s a melodic masterpiece with a brilliant Lance King vocal and the Mattsson technic guitar work.
Prog imprint for “Victim of Freedom” with a  traditional chorus and structure, temperate guitar and keyboard while in “Bridge to the Past” sounds a little stoner rock and it’s sound absolutely brilliant.  More catchy is the follower “Blind Faith” with its chorus.
As the previous release of “Power Games”, the album is focused  on the piece “Beyond the Horizon – Guitar Concerto” this time expanded into six tracks and exactly as the original “Beyond the Horizon – Guitar Concerto No. 1” version, is an amazing labyrinthine masterwork Mattsson as usual shows his powerful talent and ability in this a complex prog piece.
“Lead Me on My Way,” is another progressive track with highly appreciable bass lines as the bonus track “Season to Change” with great guitar solos.
“Power Games“ is a passionate album influenced by classic hard rock, metal, prog and classical music with high executions in which Lance King vocals reaches very good levels, Eddie Sledgehammer’s drums technical excels and Lars Eric Mattsson still showing how eclectic can be.
An album with three top musicians.

Valeria Campagnale