VERITAS - Threads of Fatality

Review to VERITAS - Threads of Fatality

3/30/20212 min read

VERITAS - Threads of Fatality

16 March 2021

Band: Veritas
Title: Threads of Fatality
Label: Veritas Rocks Llc
Release Date: 28 August 2020


1. Prelude to the Sacrament
2. Frail
3. Love and Burn
4. Far Away
5. Morbid Stale
6. Fates Warning
7. Say Goodbye
8. Moments of the Day
9. Starlight
10. Eyes of the Blind
11. Dying to Live
12. Sludge
13. Masquerade
14. If It’s Over

Denny “The Siren” Anthony – Vocals (lead)
Greg Wenk – Guitars
Geno Alberico – Bass
Mark Zonder – Drums

I had already had the pleasure of listening to Veritas by reviewing the EP "Veritas" (2019) but after the hacker attack many reviews were lost, including this one of the American band. Now I have again the pleasure to review this band created in Kansas, in 2012 by guitarist and songwriter Greg Wenk, with the new album "Threads of Fatality", released on 28 August 2020.
In the exceptional line up there is the talented drummer Mark Zonder (Fates Warning and Warlord) , and that in itself is noteworthy.
An album with different facets and styles ranging from Classic Rock, Prog and even Power Metal showing a good technical metal. Prelude To The Sacrament has growl vocals, grunge-style guitars and a good rhythm section, a reasonably appropriate start for this album that will surprise us as it goes along.In Frail, the drums and sharp guitars travel on the same track, the vocals accompanying each other brilliantly, making for a truly rough track.With Love & Burn, Veritas give us great drums, a funky touch from the bass and snarling vocals, all with a deep and vibrant solo, in my opinion one of the best tracks on this album.The  powerful riffs accompany us to the next track Far Away, once again the gritty vocals accelerate along with the rhythm in which the bass lines this time tend towards hard-hitting blues, another brilliant song in “Threads of Fatality”.Again a funky groove in Morbid Stale , centre in Fates Warning tornado a bluesy air and constantly cutting guitar solos.The groove doesn't leave us for a moment and we find a good atmosphere also in the next track Say Goodbye.Moments Of The Day flows between granitic and 'dirty' chords, here too the band offers a powerful, to Eyes of the Blind, Dying To Live where the bass excels, Sludge - HauntingMasquerade always offers a good dose of gritty riffs and a full-bodied bass with a great rhythm that together with drums and vocals offer a piece between prog and rock.And we close with the thundering It Is Over with gritty vocals that align perfectly with the musical carpet. Another excellent track for Veritas.
“Threads of Fatality” is a good album in general with a brilliant vocalism and excellent musicians and a accurate production, a personal mark shown in all the talented and creative pieces.
It is not an easy album to listen to, it must be listened to carefully to savor the various musical and individual facets of each member of the band, one of those albums that you would really listen to several times to discover different emotions.

Valeria Campagnale.