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Band: Badge
Album Title: Supernova
Label: Badge Records UK
Release Date: 29th April, 2020


Track List:
1 Blizzard
2 You Mean Nothing
3 See Me Gone
4 Brotherhood
5 Valkyrie
6 Supernova
7 Rock Chics
8 Cry In The Night
9 Dogs Of War
10 Black Heart Soul
11 Finding My Way

Line Up:
Graham Waudby - Vocals
Florin Huluba - Lead Guitar
Baz Gregory - Bass Guitar
Mikey Bolton - Drums

Appreciated return for the English band Badge with the new album “Supernova”, released on 29 April, eleven brand new songs of powerful heavy metal power. After the release of the first album “Stormrider”  released in 2012, German High Roller.
For those don’t know the band, we are talking about one of the many bands that appeared in the early eighties on what was the most important wave of heavy metal and for metal I mean the genre that for me will remain exclusively British.
Originally formed in 1980, the first single "Silver Woman" came out one year later on Metal Minded (Neat Records).
Badge continued with various line ups through the eighties but without having the same alchemy as the first period, so the band stopped.
After a necessary viewing of Badge’ story, let’s start with this new album “Supernova” and the opener “Blizzard”, what better start than a gritty, loaded piece like this one, in which the imprint of a classic heavy metal style unleashes its essence and with an acoustic ending. The good guitar riffs, a constantly thumping rhythm and the Graham Waudby's voice always in good shape invite to continue listening. Just to note down, this track was originally on  Badge’s demo (1980).
Same mood and sound for “You Mean Nothing” with fresh guitars riffs for a rock song with heavy tones, another classic piece which maintains nature and its roots in the 1980s without suffering at all. Being surrounded by nu metal and the various faces the heavy metal has taken, it is always heartening to know there are still bands who do not betray their origins.
A little bit darker is “See Me Gone” with a great Florin Huluba’s  guitar solo, in itself a pretty catchy tune, another classic piece with a constant drumming.
Let's continue with “Brotherhood” this piece is substantially based on choirs and guitar, always excellent in every song and a solid rhythmic structure, the voice tending to dark tones fully convinces me, with its metal vein.
“Valkyrie”, I absolute like this song, such a great heavy metal atmosphere and good Mikey Bolton’ drumming  such as good are the melodic riffs and the guitar solo and how not to mention Baz Gregory's bass lines? It's a really good piece. Even the voice still manages to keep up with every single piece, without losing its weight.
Some prog style in the title track “Supernova”, nice keyboards, spoken passages creates a semi atmospheric piece, always maintaining the true nature of Badge's origins, probably the most innovative song of the whole album.
Let's get back to hard and heavy classic sound with the catchy track “Rock Chics”, another piece I really like for its sound spontaneously rock, without any frills is a direct track with excellent guitar and a basic rhythm that accompanies the refrain that manages to get into the head, I listened to it three times in a row and it is really engaging.
“Cry In The Night”, here is the track I listened to first of this album, I admit it, I watched the video first attached to the promo, the curiosity was too much, after so long time of silence by Graham Waudby, listening to the first single I was enthusiastic, great heavy rock song, captivating as the previous one, it contains a good dose of pure rock energy and the verve which only those who have music in their blood can transmit. A simple effective drum and power guitar sound create a great loaded atmosphere I expected maybe as the ending, only to leave us with the urge to have more rock.
“Dogs Of War” is a gloomy sad ballad and another good piece,  great guitar as always and the right rhythm to involve us as listeners.
“ Black Heart Soul” always runs on a gloomy and quite intense line, very excellent bass guitar in this piece and good structure as well for this penultimate track, another inspiring piece.
“Supernova” ends with a bonus track and is the good ballad “Finding My Way”, already recorded in 1988 in another Badge’s demo, structurally melodic with a melancholic note making the sound more fascinating and intense with hints that vaguely remind me of 1980s dark wave increasing the intensity between the smooth guitar and the soft rhythm.
“Supernova” is a minimal and good album, pure and simple heavy rock with heavy metal hints, no special effects, no frills, a pure and simply honest work.
Looking back over the past years, the nostalgia is just as much as the desire for the Badges future music.

Valeria Campagnale