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Band: Blind Cross
Album: Merciless Time
Label: Pure Steel Records
Release Date: 5Th July 2019


1. The Hammer And The Nail
2. Doublecross
3. Blind Nation
4. Her Invisible Friend
5. Rise Or Fall
6. Bioluminosity
7. The Leviathan
8. Tear It Down
9. Infrared
10. Martial Law
11. The Yetis Call
12. Sledgehammer

Juan Ricardo - Voice
Rocco Stellmacher - Guitar
Mathias Hörold - Bass
Andy Korte - Drums

Spectacular this album by Blind Cross, "Merciless Time" is pure energy. Considering the high tenor of the band members, it couldn't have been any other way.
Merciless Time, the brand new album by Blind Cross, formed by Juan Ricardo, well-known as member of Sunless Sky and WRETCH, guitarist Rocco Stellmacher (Gorgon Eyes, ex-Mind Odyssey) is both composer and producer of "Merciless Time”, Andy Korte and Matias Hörold (both Double Action). Starting with the classic metal sound of “The Hammer And The Nail” the album shows the strong powerful of this band, starting with Juan's brilliant and very interpretative voice, with Rocco's powerful riffs and the rhythmic section of Andy Korte and Matias Hörold, vigorous piece in which the sound explode in a thunderous piece of pure heavy metal style with an intense melody.
If the opener gives us some melodies and an intense musicality, the next "Doublecross" manages to hook us with a much harder and rougher sound, where the virtuosities of Rocco Stellmacher stand out, which do not fail to delight us between riffs and energetic solos, with a drum kit, that of Andy Korte, which maintains a tight rhythm and increasingly pressing. 
With a dark intro begins "Blind Nation" that evolves into a majestic song between the incisive bass of Mathias Hörold and the scratching voice of the good Juan Ricardo who again shows, always there is a need, how valid are the tones of his voice. An excellent metal track marked by different times while maintaining the same strong line.
It continues with the very classical metal wave of "Her Invisible Friend" where an old school sound peeps out, the NWOBHM one, where the Iron Maiden styles intertwine and therefore more melodic, with the more aggressive ones of bands like Accept, making this piece rich in labyrinthine sounds even a bit catchy.
We come to one of my favorite pieces in this "Merciless Time", a piece that continues on the same line as the previous one but with greater intensity and a more visceral and passionate line. The guitar sounds passionate, as well as the song itself in its own deep being, absolutely a deep song.
"Bioluminosity" is the second track that manages to capture me in its whirling sound, also here with changes of time and an intense voice that is chameleonic, adapting in every track of this album. A melodious song that inside sees some strong lashes thanks to guitar and rhythm and that seems almost to experience an energetic sound with moments of calm, reaching to touch some melancholy tones.
I continue with "The Leviathan ", a song with a structure that almost reaches an epic sound, I forgot in the interview with the band to ask what this song comes from but I suppose from the title is referred to the sea monster from the legendary strength present in the Old Testament, and therefore well suited to the epic sounds that Blind Cross present in this piece.

With " Tear It Down " we're bullying to a more classic metal in which the shadow of the captivating metal faces again with powerful riffs, sustained rhythm and a huge voice.
More massive and powerful is the next track "Infrared" that gives us a musical structure much more aggressive than the previous songs resulting in another excellent performance of the band, which with well-defined traits gives us a demonstration of how powerful it can be, always between big riffs and a drum kit that shows off the excellent structural quality.
"Martial Law" is an even more substantial extension of this metal sound that leaves no breath or even demorde from entertaining us with its voluminous balances loaded with massive doses of lashing guitar and swirling a strong rhythm.
Here's my third favorite track on the album, "The Yetis Call", in which the melodies interface with vigorously unsettling tones, a clear and homogeneous voice that reaches high tones and a qualitatively perfect timbre, catchy chorus and once again stratospheric guitars.
Grand finale, accompanied by fireworks, "Sledgehammer" is in fact a piece of strong, dynamic and intense, an adrenaline-filled plot of guitar and drums, a powerful bass and a voice that manages to enchant and wrap. In short, a majestic ending for an album that fascinates in its totality.
If you love pure heavy metal "Merciless Time" is the right album, a combination of eighties and modern sounds with a very high quality production.
One of the metal records of this 2019 that will leave its mark for its characteristic dynamic and engaging mark.

Valeria Campagnale