Review to XENO - SOJOURN


3/30/20212 min read

Band: Xeno 
Titolo: Sojourn
Genre: Prog Metal
Label: Art Gates Records
Release Date: October 30th 2020


Ruben Willemsen – Vocals, Bass
Edwin Haan – Guitars, Vocals
Daniel de Coninck – Guitars
Jasper Bruggeman – Guitars
Sean Lubbersen – Keyboards

1. Revery
2. In Stasis
3. Dusk
4. Epiphany
5. Exile
6. Nomad
7. Memories
8. Closure
9. Resurge
10. Uncaged
11. Sojourn

The Dutch Progressive Metal band Xeno, propose a new kind of prog style, modern and quite theatrical thanks to the keyboards. With the previous album “Atlas Construct” (2016) we knew the band’ style now, with the new work “Sojourn” out for Art Gates Records, we’ve a broader view of Xeno's musicality, which is completely personal.
"Revery" is a short instrumental track "Revery" leads off the album. instrumental, deep with the piano leading us to the opening notes of the saxophone in the airy "In Stasis”, the guitars and the piano are good together, creating a power mix, good also the vocals that goes from doom to clean
More aggressive is the intro of "Dusk" with a djenty guitar, the background  clean vocals in and the keyboard increase a good sound, in the middle of the track, the piano gives a added value to the whole piece. The next track, 'Epiphany', is more technical and heavy while "Exile" opens with a  synth effect empowered by the distorted and power sound, good heavy track. Heavy sound for “Nomad” which breaks away from the keyboard intro, the punchy drumming is the highlight of this track.
"Closure" opens with keyboards and bass, followed immediately by vocals and guitars, hard vocals appear towards the end of the track, as well as a well-executed guitar solo. Powerful drums start for "Resurge” with its strong riffs has a brilliant different sound from the tracks of the album.
The album concludes with 'Sojourn', opening softly in a play of guitars and keyboard, to become a heavy track with a great bass and harsh vocals. The track suddenly switches to warm guitars. While, we find the melodic keyboard in the middle of the piece.  A very varied track that crosses several styles.
Although I am not a fan of the progressive genre, I can recognise good music, especially if it is good played, and the band Xeno is a really good one, “Sojourn” is a work that will be appreciated by prog fans.

Valeria Campagnale


15 January 2021